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Best Jewelry Mystery Box: Each mystery box is filled with jewelry that has been hand-picked just for you!

Items may include necklaces, rings, earrings, bracelets, and hairclip more.

Every single mystery box is completely different for each customer and order so you’ll never get the same one twice.

What is mystery box?

A mystery box is something offered to our customers which contains a surprise element that gives them a pleasant jolt of pleasure.

Use a mystery box to send a special gift that you will love and appreciate.

The mystery box is a combination of many different style products that are designed to help you save money with very little value.

And you will remember that experience for a long time and be much more likely to buy from leobx in the future.

Mystery boxes are a fun way to attract new customers. If you’ve never used a mystery box, read this short article to learn all about them.

Why do you need jewelry?

Pursue fashion


Chain necklace 2021

Major brands: distinctive chain design, characteristic fasteners, mixed metal plating, fashionable logo patterns, these details are consistent with our ultimate chain theme.


Geometric design earring 2021

Incorporate the geometric design concept, with additional pearl pendants or detachable crystal accessories.


Rings have become a category worthy of attention.

As a must-have item in the metal series, they are redesigned with modern materials and high-level details.

Each ring accessory has its own personality. While pursuing the ultimate in simplicity, detail, story, and fashion.


Chain bracelet 2021

In view of the success of the chain design, the key to creating this look is to combine traditional and fashionable chain link designs, which can be marketed as a complete set.

The main chain bracelet designs include chains, snakes, Greek letters, as well as round, oval, and slender styles.

Hair accessory

Crystal hairclip

The black metal hair clip is designed to cater to the atmosphere of the 90s of the series, while the golden hair clip inlaid with colored gemstones adds a touch of mystery.

crystal hair clip
Peral hairclip

Pearls are one of the most common jewelry elements this season, so in order to match them, they are also incorporated into various jewelry accessories, becoming one of the most popular hair accessories trends in autumn.

pearls hair clip
Chain hair band

Chains are everywhere, some are made of dark metal to give a sense of decadence, and some are made of gold metal to show luxury.

chain headband

Hairbands are very unforgettable because they are made of twisted round-shaped metal, which adds a sense of fashion to you.

Creative headdress

This unique headdress is the key to injecting drama into your overall look. It is one of the most important hair accessory trends in autumn.

Creative headdress
Butterfly headdress

The butterfly is a cute and feminine decoration that can instantly add charm to the look.

Butterfly headdress
Simple hairpin

You don’t have to wear huge or super shiny hairpins every day, because hair accessories trends also include simple and visible hairpins.

Many people like these hair accessories because they are more suitable for some simpler fashion trends.

simple hairpin

Why is leobx jewelry mystery box worth buying?

Jewelry diversity


We also have kinds of style of necklaces. will update the new style necklace for you.

Alloy necklace

These alloy necklaces are very delicate. more suitable for young men and ladies. the style for alloy necklaces is so unique.

Alloy necklaces are not too exaggerated, more suitable for daily casual life.

Letter necklace

The letter necklace is a product of the development of the times, and it is also the beginning of a change in the aesthetic trend of young people.

Many people like name necklaces, not for the style, not to please others, but more to please themselves and make themselves happy.

The thin chain with the letter pendant and the sexy clavicle show vividly at this moment, giving people the ultimate beauty of youth.

Crystal necklace

The transparency of the crystal necklace itself makes it very demanding on the color matching of the clothing.

Monochrome clothes are bright or solemnly matched with crystal necklaces. They are very beautiful and very fashionable.

Pendant crystal necklaces are mostly large crystals with long leather ropes or long chains, which are more suitable for fashionable young people.

Most of them have cute shapes and are used by young people to match casual clothes.

Chain necklace

This thick chain necklace is suddenly very popular this year.

Clothes for autumn and winter, when the color is dull.

With a thick necklace, it will look less boring.

These kinds of accessories have a stronger sense of existence.

With chain necklaces, it is fashionable and high-end!

Choker necklace

The appearance of a Choker Necklace actually satisfies people’s ultimate pursuit of the beauty of the neck.

No matter when, the beautiful neckline is what people have always yearned for and pursued, and the Choker Necklace just conveys this demand for the beauty of the body line with accessories.

Multi-layer necklace

Multi-layered necklaces can often reflect a person’s temperament and make the personality more distinctive.

Multi-layer necklaces with different textures often have different temperaments and charms, some are soft and feminine, and some are full of coolness.

To create a minimalist style can be embellished with simple and detailed multi-layer necklaces without the need for other decorations.

Creative necklace

The chain part of this necklace is made of a very thin chain and its chain surface is also designed with a very beautiful different pendant.

The surface of this pendant adopts a polishing effect, and there are various beads as inlays.

This design is very impressive, and it also brings a different texture to the style.

This pendant looks gleaming under the refracted light, and it is also very fashionable to wear.

With a white T-shirt and a black suit, it feels like a big brand, whether it is professional wear or daily casual wear, there is no problem.

Unique necklace

Always hope that the necklace you receive is unique, it is difficult to see it in the world.

We deliberately spend a lot of time developing these unique necklaces.

After numerous times of rigorous processing and polishing, it is not only comfortable to wear, but also has high hardness and does not fade.

Nature necklace

Necklaces are made of natural materials such as seeds, solid wood, etc.

That is, the material is very environmentally friendly, the style of the necklaces is also quite special.

In daily life, experience the feeling of putting seeds, wood, most primitive materials on your’s body.

Fashion necklace

Our necklace designers use modern technology and advanced thinking methods to design super cool and dazzling necklaces with a variety of styles, which are more creative and interesting.

Please see the photo below.

Earring style

We also have kinds of styles of earrings. will update the new style for you.

French style

With the change of clothing, so the most important thing to choose earrings is to look at the style of wearing them.

This series of French styles, more refined, most of them are simple and generous design, not particularly exaggerated, but not too simple and elegant, the color is mainly white, and most of them are made of metal and pearl materials.

The French style earring is very small, romantic, and simple, but it also reflects the exquisite beauty of girls.

Pearl is a particularly feminine element. Generally, girls also like simple white, so the general earrings are also combined with such white and yellow tones.

Cute style

But in fact, many girls also like some more decorative and cute earrings.

Such earrings are more suitable for younger girls.

Basically, they wear colorful clothes in summer.

This kind of earrings will have a special feel.

Earrings with brighter colors will be slightly feminine, and they are earrings with European and American styles.

This kind of earrings is slightly suitable for more mature women, and also can be very colorful in summer wear.

Color matching is very important for clothing. It can echo the color of clothing to achieve unexpected results.

Baroque style

The Baroque style is also very popular jewelry.

This style is generally more gorgeous, but nowadays, in pursuit of simple fashion, this gorgeousness is processed and the elements are used, but it is not too exaggerated and retained.

In addition to the palace style, it combines the beauty of modern simplicity.

It belongs to the baroque style of the palace, but it has a very delicate and fresh feeling.

The baroque-style design is also used, but it uses a relatively small shape, so the whole is very fresh and suitable for girls’ daily dresses.

Pastoral floral style

The pastoral style is also loved by many girls, not only for decoration but also for clothing.

The earrings also use this element, the earrings made in the style of flowers, the color of the earrings is used, which is clear and beautiful, which is very suitable for sweet girls who like this style.

Nature style

This month, our jewelry team specially developed this natural ring.

Earrings are made of natural materials such as seeds, solid wood, etc.

That is, the material is very environmentally friendly, the style of the earrings is also quite special.

In daily life, experience the feeling of putting seeds, wood, most primitive materials on your’s ears.

Fashion style

The fashion of earrings is changing quite fast.

In order to keep up with earrings fashion, our jewelry design team will launch earring styles every month.

The following pictures are the latest exaggerated earrings.

Different from ordinary earrings, the characteristics of these earrings will refer to the development trends of major brands, and the styles are particularly novel.

Earring studs

Fashion style

If you don’t want to exaggerate the earrings, we also specifically designed earrings studs, which are so mini, working and life can be applied.

Compared with simple earrings, these earrings are characterized by a fresh style.

Creative style

Different from a sample ear stud, our jewelry team has made continuous innovations.

You can see that the alloy body of each ear stud is irregular, and each is equipped with pearls, shells, crystals, and beads.

These ear studs are in retro style with some luxury.

The earrings are exquisitely crafted and they are all made by hand.


We will update the new ring style for you every month.

Alloy ring

The alloy ring of the crafted collection is inspired by art sculpture, presented from the light a shadow, to explore the balance between jewelry and space.

Adopts wax carving technology, to integrate craftsmanship into every flowing curvature, carving out the random beauty.

With the crafted collection, our jewelry team carved the ultimate aesthetic alloy ring with undulating light and shadow.

Gold ring

This kind of gold ring is relatively small.

The main body of the ring is gold, but in order to avoid a single style, we have made a creative shape on each ring.

In addition to the different designs, we made small beads and small rhinestones inlaid on each ring.

Through some small shapes and jewelry accessories, it has become a particularly delicate gold ring.

Creative ring

Put a high-inlaid ring, hold up the pearl or jewelry, so that the ring will look more three-dimensional as a whole.

The inlay of rhinestones and pearls are our designers in the workplace, spending 3 days.

You have to be surprised that these creative styles are hard to see online in similar jewelry stores.

Cool ring

These are rings belonging to punk-style, modeling is generally dragon, lion, snake, and so on.

The skull style is the most popular choice.

As a daily collocation, it is neither exaggerated nor unconventional.

It also wears a representative of your temperament and spirit.

Exaggerated ring


We will update the new bracelet for you.

Alloy bracelet

The alloy material, The style of these bracelets is European and American models.

The chain of the alloy bracelet is very small.

It is particularly small, and the advantage is that you usually wear too heavy, all kinds of occasions are very suitable.

Chain bracelet

The alloy material, the chain design is popular trend.

In particular, you really have to have such a thick chain and a golden bracelet that will make you cooler.

The width of each chain necklace is also different, and the chain-shaped style of each chain necklace will be different.

In some chain bracelets, our design team also added some small beads and small crystals.

Creative bracelet

The alloy material, Each bracelet has a unique design style, you don’t have to worry about the same style.

Shapes: leaves, palms, sun, cross, etc.

Although it is a simple bracelet, our design team hopes to make you unique through some small shaped style changes.

Exaggerated bracelet

Exaggerate bracelet is also particularly popular in 2021.

This bracelet is wider than the general bracelet.

It is generally metal material, and some exaggerated bracelet with crystal, etc.

The inlay of rhinestones and crystal is our designers in the workplace, spending 3 days.

Many of our customers are surprised that they will receive such a luxurious bracelet in the jewelry mystery box.

Hair clip

Fashion style

We will develop a lot of new hair clips every month. constantly develop new hair clip styles so that you can receive the latest fashion.

Reasonable price


Jewelry mystery box packing list

Small – 5 pieces

  • 2 necklaces
  • 1 pair earring
  • 1 bracelet
  • 1 ring
  • extra gift

Medium -15 pieces

  • 5 necklaces
  • 4 pair earrings
  • 3 rings
  • 2 bracelets
  • 1 hairclip (if men place an order, we will change the hairclip to another accessory instead).
  • extra gift 

Large – 25 pieces

  • When you place an order, please leave a message in the payment order, what category of jewelry and quantity do you like?
  • extra gift.

Leave a message: I want to 25 pcs necklace or 25 pcs rings or 10 necklaces,8 pcs rings, 3 pcs bracelets,4 pcs hairclips

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