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Best Mystery Box Subscription

Mystery Box Subscription: Free shipping & 30 days easy returns – leobx mystery box subscription is more flexible and different from others. you will receive different mystery boxes each month.

Why do you need mystery box?

Give gifts for your friend and colleagues

Gifts are a fantastic way to show how much you care about your friends and colleagues.

If you’re thinking about giving a gift, keep in mind that there are a few things to keep in mind.

  • The first is to give gift that’s practical.

Think about what your friend really needs.

There are always plenty of great gift ideas out there for everyone, but there’s no need to give a gift that’s a complete waste of your hard-earned money.

  • Second, you must also consider the uniqueness of gifts.

If you are giving someone a gift, make sure it is meaningful.

You don’t know what the box is in the box.

Try a variety of fresh things

They also give you a chance to try out something different before your friends and family do, which can lead to a big bump in awareness for the mystery boxes.

The idea is to try out a variety of new and unfamiliar things in order to find something that you really enjoy.

Get more surprised feelings in a dull life

In some ways, the surprise factor can make a purchase more of an experience.

If you buy something that’s familiar, there’s not going to be the same sense of excitement.

If you buy something that’s new, you’re going to be excited.

You’re going to be surprised that you can even own that mystery box.

Best mystery box subscription

What is mystery box subscription?

A mystery subscription box is an innovative way to engage with customers and generate interest in our brand-leobx.

A mystery box contains products that are unknown to the customer.

The mystery box is a great way to capture the imagination and intrigue of customers while allowing them to feel a sense of ownership in the products.

In addition, mystery boxes are a fun way to keep customers coming back to buy again.

What are the differences between regular subscriptions and mystery box subscriptions?

The mystery box subscription model has been around for a long time in the world of subscription services.

One of the biggest benefits of mystery box subscriptions is that the customer will never know what they’re going to get.

Customers are less likely to cancel because they can’t tell what they’re getting.

Our mystery box subscription difference and ordinary subscription,please see as below:

Mystery box subscription is monthly.

You will receive a mystery box at the beginning of each month. which means you can receive 12 times different boxes.

Different topics boxes will be received every month.

The best mystery boxes are those in which the product is new, has been tested, and has a very clear and specific purpose.

According to the feedback of the customer, we constantly adjust the topics of the mystery box: Jewelry mystery box, Bag mystery box, Hat mystery box, Toy mystery box, Mystery sock box, Creative product mystery box, Purse mystery box, Crystal mystery box, Vintage mystery box, Vintage mystery box, Kitchen mystery box, Christmas mystery box.

Mystery box subscription from leobx is more flexible.

To give an example, if you receive the jewelry mystery box, you feel good quality and style of jewelry, you want to receive the jewelry box next month again, you only need to send an email in advance.

At the beginning of next month, you will receive a jewelry mystery box again. of course, you don’t have to worry, you never receive the same style twice.

Quality of mystery box subscription are well.

From the customer’s order reaction, it is generally repeatedly subscribed to the second year, and guests generally expect to receive quality products, also we do it well too.

So, firstly we know the importance of this mystery box quality, otherwise, our mystery box website will not develop for a long time.

Compliance with different gender needs.

  • For a feminine: the style is suitable for women.
  • For a masculine: the style is suitable for men.
  • For gender-neutral: the style is are suitable for gender-neutral.

You don’t have to worry about the style of the mystery box, which will meet your need.

The idea of mystery boxes and subscription boxes has been around for decades, and this concept is very successful.

Mystery boxes are usually subscriptions that include a certain number of products, but you don’t know exactly what the product will be until you receive the box.

Now, this idea has become a business model that many retailers are following.

Mystery box subscription price

Usually, our mystery boxes are actually better than others.

We all promise the same thing: to provide new products each month and you never received two products twice.

One year’s box subscription price is $ 360.

Mystery subscription box recommend

you will receive different mystery boxes each month.

What to put in mystery box subscription ?

So you’ve signed up to be part of the mystery subscription box, but what exactly are you getting? Your mystery box will consist of three to eight products for each mystery box.

Jewelry mystery box

Jewelry mystery box

Pursue fashion

The pursuit of fashion can be fun, but it also has the power to turn your life around in the right way.

Highlight your own fashion style

Fashion trends change, and it’s important to stay current with them so you can show off your unique sense of style.

Jewelry mystery box may include

A jewelry mystery box contains necklaces, earrings, rings, bracelets, hairclip and hair accessories, and more.

So if you are searching for a fantastic offer on a 15-pieces fashion precious, which includes a worth higher than if bought separately.


Bag mystery box

This concept is based on the idea that our consumers should be able to take what they want from different style bags from each bag mystery box.

Bag mystery box may include

  • Gym Bags
  • Travel Duffel Bags
  • Handbags
  • Backpacks
  • Laptop Bags
  • Creative Bags
  • Canvas Bags
  • Banquet Bags
  • Leisure Bags

Hat mystery box

Hat mystery box

If you want to look like you’re confident and self-assured, a hat can help.

But the real reason to wear a hat is that it’s fun.

And the more fun you make the experience of wearing a hat, the more people will want to buy it.

Hat mystery box may include

  • Hats & Caps
  • Baseball Caps
  • Canvas Cap
  • Knit Hats
  • Outdoor Recreation Hatts
  • Fishing Hats
  • Wide Brim Straw Hats
  • Sports Fan Caps & Hats

toy mystery box

Toy mystery box

Kids Mystery Box Perfect Gift For Grandkids, Nieces & Nephews

Children like to receive a gift, they don’t know what is there.

Give them some surprise things they can open and discover from the toy mystery box!

Toy mystery box may include

  • For a girl: DIY, painting children’s musical instrument, child bubble machine, doll and accessories, games and accessories, plush animals and fluff toys,dress-up and pretend games, etc.
  • For a Boy: Combination toys, finger gyro, assembled toys, collection toys,  sports, and outdoor games, toy dolls, and toys, vehicles, etc.
  • For neutral: wooden toys, novel toys, children’s furniture, decorations toy, learning toy, decompression toy, etc


Sock Subscription Box

In life, socks are essentials every day, and your socks purchased on Amazon or other websites are only simple styles.

The mystery sock box contained may exceed your expected value, there will be special processing methods, such as tie-dyes, such as jacquard process, hand-knitted, and more.

Sock Subscription Box may include

  • Athletic Socks
  • Calf Socks
  • Liner & Ankle Socks
  • No Show & Liner Socks
  • Sports Socks
  • Creative Socks
  • Compression Socks

creative product mystery box

Creative product mystery box

Consumers are always seeking out new and unique products.

Creative product means having the ability to solve a problem creatively, to create something new, or to make something better.

As the market continues to grow, consumers are becoming more sophisticated and selective in what they want.

The key is to make sure that our product is unique and stands out from other products on the market.

Creative product mystery box may include

  • Creative product

Purse mystery box

Purse mystery box

A purse or wallet can be a necessary part of your life.

You don’t need to pay big money to get wallets that fit you.

Purse mystery box may include

  • Vintage Purse
  • Business Purse
  • Canvas Purse
  • Cartoon Purse
  • Multi-layer Purse
  • Leisure Purse
  • Creative Purse
  • Purse With Card
  • Zippered Coin purse

Crystal mystery box

Crystal mystery box

Crystal has not only become a daily accessory, but it can also help us regulate our life and body.

Some crystal healers also use crystals for healing.

Crystals are also used as feng shui decorations to improve their homes and promote family harmony.

Some people like to carry crystals during meditation, yoga, and practice to help improve themselves. the spirituality and the wisdom of connecting the universe

Crystal mystery box may include

  • Therapy Raw Chakra Stones
  • Tumbled Stone
  • Spiritual Healing Crystal Necklace
  • Natural Pink Crystal Pendulum
  • White Crystal Pyramid
  • Crystal Pillar
  • Heal Crystal bracelet


Vintage mystery box

Vintage product is usually from a time when a certain brand was at its peak and everything was done right.

These products are often associated with quality, style, and timelessness.

The vintage product can include products from the past that were popular, unique, or just plain cool.

These items can be used as part of a “vintage” product line, or as a stand-alone product that is just so darn cool that everyone wants it.

Crystal mystery box may include

  • Vintage Jewelry
  • Vintage Bag and Purse
  • Vintage Accessory
  • Home Décor Products

Kitchen mystery box

Kitchen mystery box

Kitchen products can be used for a variety of different purposes. When customers purchase kitchen mystery boxes, they are looking to save money, reduce the amount of time spent on various tasks, and even improve their overall health and well-being.

In addition to the many uses they have in the kitchen, these products can be used for many other purposes outside of the kitchen.

A kitchen product is always the right choice.

For a kitchen product to work, it must be useful, easy to use, and attractive.

Kitchen mystery box may include

  • Kitchen & Table Linens
  • Kitchen Storage & Organization
  • Cooking Utensils
  • Kitchen Fixtures
  • Creative Kitchen
  • Kitchen Gadget

clothes mystery box main photo

Clothing mystery box

Clothes are a big investment, and consumers aren’t always aware of what they want.

Fashion is often referred to as the “invisible art” of style, but in reality, what makes up a particular style are the decisions a person makes.

It’s up to the individual to determine their personal style and then apply it to their clothing choices.

Clothing mystery box may include

  • All clothes are new.
  • Clothes size from S to 3XXXL.

Christmas mystery box

Christmas mystery box

The average person spends $75.00 on gifts for the holidays, according to a study from the American Marketing Association.

Of those consumers, only about 5% go to a store to find gifts.

Most purchase online, often with one-click, no-hassle transactions. But what if you could create a special surprise?

What if you could offer a holiday gift that would wow your friends and family?

What if you could do this with $30?

This is where a mystery box comes in.

Christmas mystery box may include

  • Christmas Decorations
  • Christmas Lights
  • Christmas Tree
  • Christmas Gift
  • Christmas Accessory

Mystery subscription box for family

A subscription box is a great way to introduce your family to a concept or product, and it’s a lot easier to explain than it is to describe what a box is.

If you are wondering what is a mystery box subscription, it is a gift-like subscription that gives your family a surprise box full of items.

One of the best things about it is that there are no shipping costs and the product comes in the form of a surprise box at your doorstep.

In addition to making their customers feel special, mystery subscription boxes are also a great way for brands to generate goodwill and build relationships with their customers.

Mystery subscription box reviews

Mystery subscription box reviews

Firstly, I choose to order a jewelry mystery box, the quality is well.
I place a small order for a mystery sock box, shipping is so fast, this quality and style of socks are well. I want to ask 12 monthly subscribers.
I am particularly to be said to tie-dyeing T-shirt, completely exceeded my expectations.
Still very amazing, I usually get it difficult to fall asleep, when I am sleeping, crystal is placed while moving down, and sleep quickly. I also get an extra gift from the crystal box, which is a creative product. I also plan to buy jewelry boxes.
Absolutely love everything! I love the simplicity and cool necklace and ring and bracelet in the pieces while still being stunning. Every item was excellent. I will definitely purchase another like this in the future. maybe as a gift!!
Shipping was very fast and the seller is very kind and made sure to listen to any requests I had about the jewelry. The jewelry is super gorgeous and the packaging is so cute will definitely buy it again:)
The box was great!!! I am not gonna include any pics as to not ruin the surprise but my little brother loved it!!! He was so excited to get everything.
This is perfect! I got this as my daughter will be with her father open kids mystery box and I wanted to still do something special for her, this did not disappoint! (which I commented about her liking) as well as a ton of other good kid items. She’s in love with it!


If you are worried about quality, you can buy a small box. if you received it, feel that quality and style are ok, then you can buy a subscription box monthly.


The benefit of leobx mystery box website

Free shipping

Free shipping for all orders.

30 days easy returns

For whatever reason that you are not satisfied, we would be most happy to provide exchanges and returns for all items purchased from us if the following conditions :

If any of the products received is deemed defective or a wrong shipment, leobx online shop will bear the cost of shipping. Read more about Refund Policy.

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