Home Decor Subscription Box
Home Decor Subscription Box
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Home Decor Subscription Box


The benefit of a home decor subscription box

  • As a mystery box: from the moment of opening the box, you know what is on the inside?
  • As a special gift: best gifts for loving home life.
  • Full set of home decor subscription box sets: each box has 2 pcs.
  • You will profit: the retail value of the product is above $100.
  • Save money: 12 month:$32.78/per box.
  • An extra gift: we will put an extra gift for you.
  • Free worldwide shipping on all orders 
  • Quality guarantee, 30 days easy returns
  • 24 Hours Dispatch on businessdays
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home decor subscription box

What is a home decor subscription box?

A home decor subscription box is a subscription service where you get a monthly box of products for home decoration.

These boxes are usually filled with items such as wall decoration, home decor accessories, garden ornaments,and even seasonal decor.

It’s like a box of themed decorations that you can use throughout the month.

They’re a great way to stay up-to-date with the latest trends.

This type of subscription is becoming more popular with homeowners who are looking to decorate their homes on a budget.

You can create beautiful pieces for your own home by choosing unique gifts for your home and by using your creativity.

If you want to give a gift to someone else, you have the option to give them a home ornament.

There are many unique and beautiful options available.

Why is the leobx home decor subscription box worth buying?

  • As a mystery box: from the moment of opening the box, you know what is on the inside?
  • As a special gift: best gifts for loving home life.
  • Full set of home decor subscription box sets: each box has 2 pcs.
  • You will profit: the retail value of the product is above $100.
  • Save money: 12 month:$32.78/per box
  • An extra gift: we will put an extra gift for you.

Home decor subscription box reasonable price

  • 1 month:$38.32/per box

  • 3 month:$36.63/per box

  • 6 month:$34.88/per box

  • 12 month:$32.78/per box

Home decor subscription box may include

  • Ornaments
  • Wall decoration
  • Garden ornaments
  • Home storage rack

Home decor subscription box packaging list

  • Each box is equipped with 2 pcs
  • Extra gift

Home decor subscription box product preview


Home is where the heart is. When we look at our homes, the first thing we notice about them is the ornaments.

Home ornaments are the things which are generally used at homes and make our life more comfortable.

The best part is the ornaments are affordable, which be different from other products on the market and have a unique aesthetic.



Home decor subscription box-Ornaments02


Home decor subscription box-Ornaments03


Home decor subscription box-Ornaments04


Home decor subscription box-Ornaments05


Home decor subscription box-Ornaments06


Home decor subscription box-Ornaments07


Home decor subscription box-Ornaments08


Home decor subscription box-Ornaments09

Wall decoration

Wall decor is one of those things that may seem like it has very little use beyond the walls of your home, but in fact, it is a useful thing to have around your home.

It can add character and style to any room, making the room feel bigger and more spacious.

If you’re looking to decorate a spare bedroom, kitchen, or even your office, wall decorations are an excellent choice.

You can use them to express your personality or to set a particular mood.

home decor subscription box-Wall decoration02


home decor subscription box-Wall decoration03


home decor subscription box-Wall decoration04


home decor subscription box-Wall decoration06


home decor subscription box-Wall decoration05


home decor subscription box-Wall decoration07


home decor subscription box-Wall decoration08


home decor subscription box-Wall decoration09


home decor subscription box-Wall decoration10


home decor subscription box-Wall decoration11

Garden ornaments

A garden ornament is a decorative item used to decorate a garden.

Many people have a garden and enjoy spending time in nature.

If you’re looking for a unique gift idea, consider giving a gift certificate or a basket of garden-themed goodies for your loved ones to enjoy in their garden.

You could also provide a few small decorations such as plants, birdhouses, and birdfeeders.

Home decor subscription box-Garden ornaments07


Home decor subscription box-Garden ornaments06


Home decor subscription box-Garden ornaments05


Home decor subscription box-Garden ornaments04


Home decor subscription box-Garden ornaments03


Home decor subscription box-Garden ornaments02


Home decor subscription box-Garden ornaments01

Home storage rack

A home storage rack can be a useful tool to keep all your household items in one place.

A home storage rack can help you store your household items in an organized manner.

These home storage racks are great because they can easily be moved around and they’re usually made of lightweight material that’s easy to carry.

They also come in a variety of sizes and shapes, making it easy to find one that will fit within your existing space.

Home decor subscription box-Home storage rack06


Home decor subscription box-Home storage rack01


Home decor subscription box-Home storage rack02


Home decor subscription box-Home storage rack03


Home decor subscription box-Home storage rack04


Home decor subscription box-Home storage rack05

Additional information

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1 month:$38.32/per box, 3 month:$36.63/per box, 6 month:$34.88/per box, 12 month:$32.78/per box


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Why is the price of the mystery bag so cheap?

Because we are factory and low-tax (or tax-free ) shipping methods for the mystery box.

Is there any quality difference in the mystery box?

No. All the products in the mystery box are brand new and quality guaranteed.

Can I buy 2 or More packs at a time?

Yes. There is no limit to the number of purchases.

If I purchase several packs, will I get the same style?

You’ll never get the same one twice.

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