Jewelry mystery box
Jewelry Mystery Box
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Jewelry Mystery Box


The benefit of the jewelry mystery box

  • As a mystery box: From the moment of opening the box, you know what is on the inside?
  • Full set of jewelry mystery box sets: If you have to pick more than 5 jewelry, don’t know how to choose.
  • Save money: much cheaper than a single purchase.
  • As a special gift: very suitable for you or friends who want to be unique.
  • Jewelry diversification: you will not receive the same box.
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jewelry mystery box

What is a jewelry mystery box?

That’s why leobx has created a selection of jewelry mystery boxes—for both women and men and neutral,—that’s sure to thrill and delight, whether it’s for yourself or a gift.

So if you’re looking for a fabulous deal on a 5-piece jewelry set, and just cannot decide what to get, let us help and surprise you.

Which contains a value greater than if purchased individually.

Jewelry mystery box video

Jewelry mystery box may include

  • Necklace includes alloy, letter, crystal, chain, choker, multi-layer, creative, unique, nature, fashion style necklace.
  • Earring includes french,cute,baroque,pastoral floral,nature,fashion style earring.
  • Earring studs include fashion, creative style.
  • Ring includes alloy,gold,creative,cool,exaggerated style ring.
  • Bracelet includes alloy, chain, creative, exaggerated style bracelet.
  • Hair clip includes fashion style.

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Why is leobx jewelry mystery box worth buying?

  • As a mystery box: From the moment of opening the box, you know what is on the inside?
  • Full set of jewelry mystery box sets: If you have to pick more than 5 jewelry, don’t know how to choose.
  • Save money: much cheaper than a single purchase.
  • As a special gift: very suitable for you or friends who want to be unique.
  • Jewelry diversification: you will not receive the same box.

Jewelry mystery box reasonable price

  • Small$19.99/5pcs, the average price is $3.998/pcs
  • Medium$39.99/15pcs, the average price is $2.666/pcs
  • Large$59.99/25pcs, the average price is $2.399/pcs
  • 12 Month$239.88/120pcs,the average price is $1.999/pcs(Montly-$19.99/10pcs)

Why is jewelry mystery box are so cheap?

  • We are a 15-year jewelry factory.
  • We have a jewelry design team.
  • Up to necklaces 3000+, rings 2000+, earrings 4000+, bracelets 2500+ and hair accessories more.
  • New products will be updated every month.

Jewelry mystery box product preview


A necklace is something you wear on your body, typically around the neck.

Necklaces are typically made from chain, alloy, or rope, crystal material.

They can be made out of any material that you want, including gold, silver, or pewter.

Most people only wear necklaces around their neck, but some people will wear necklaces on their arms and other parts of their bodies.

Necklaces are gifts that can express many different sentiments.

Necklaces can be a gift for birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, or other occasions.

unique necklace2


necklace for man


unique necklace1


An earring is any type of jewelry that is designed to be worn in or near one of a person’s ears.

There are many different types of earrings, including studs, hoops, clusters, dangles, etc.

You can wear an earring however you want. Some men just like to sport a single earring.

Other men like to have multiple earrings dangling from each ear.

Some women love to show off a single earring.

And then there are those women who like to have multiple earrings dangling from each ear.

Earrings are pierced through the earlobe.

Earrings are one of the few jewelry items that can be worn by men and women alike.

The average price for a pair of quality earrings in a retail store is $15 to $30.

nature earring 1


earring for man

Earring studs

Earring Studs (ES) are the tiny metal or ceramic pieces that go inside your earlobes, and they’re an important part of the jewelry world.

In terms of the general consumer market, ES is just another piece of earrings. every detail matters.

So before designing your earring collection, we need to consider the specific needs of each product and ensure that each earring studs design looks great.

Earring studs are very popular in the jewelry industry because they’re so easy to use.

The trick is to make sure that our design looks good on the actual part of the ear that wearers will be able to see, and not on the sides or tops of their ears, where the design is completely hidden.

earring studs creative style1


A great way to get attention is to wear a ring that really stands out.

The best jewelry Ring is made from the finest materials and craftsmanship. Its quality, durability, and design are superior to that of the competition.

The ring has become one of the most popular and unique for people.

Now, you can choose from various metals and gemstones to add that touch of elegance to your special day.

We have been selling the highest quality Rings at affordable prices for over 5 years.

creative ring 1


cool ring 2


Jewelry bracelets are a type of jewelry that is worn around the wrist. They’re sometimes called charm bracelets because of the charm on them.

Jewelry Bracelets have always been a big trend, and even though some people might not realize it, there are different types of jewelry bracelets, and each one serves a specific purpose.

The bracelet is an accessory in itself, but it is a piece of jewelry that can be worn by a man or a woman and has many different uses.

The word “bracelet” comes from the French word “bracer,” which means to cover with a band or a chain.

The first bracelets consisted of leather strips tied around the wrist.

They were later replaced by metal and later, by synthetic materials, such as nylon and plastic.

Today, there are many types of bracelets, including those made of gold, silver, and other precious metals, and those made of plastic, paper, rubber, and more.

exaggerated bracelet 1

Hair clip

A clip that holds your hair in place.

A jewelry Hair clip is a small, decorative hair clip that is designed to be worn in the hair.

Hair clips are usually made from metal or plastic, and most are designed to keep hair out of the way while still making it look good.

fashion hair clip2

Jewelry mystery box packing list

Small – 5 pieces

  • 2 necklaces
  • 1 pair earring
  • 1 bracelet
  • 1 ring
  • extra gift

Medium -15 pieces

  • 5 necklaces
  • 4 pair earrings
  • 3 rings
  • 2 bracelets
  • 1 hairclip (if men place an order, we will change the hairclip to another accessory instead).
  • extra gift 

Large – 25 pieces

  • When you place an order, please leave a message in the payment order, what category of jewelry and quantity do you like?
  • extra gift 

jewelry mystery box-message


Additional information


Men, Women, neutral


12 Months, Large, Medium, Small

3 reviews for Jewelry Mystery Box

    Raquel Martin
    November 28, 2021
    I bought this for my 21-year-old daughter for Xmas. I open it and was like. WOW… Everything is beautiful. So it’s beautiful when she opens it. It’s $19.99box. Now I will order the $39.99 dollar box.
    Amy Greene
    November 28, 2021
    Shipping was very fast and seller is very kind and made sure to listen to any requests i had about the jewelry. Jewelry is super gorgeous and packaging is so cute will definitely buy again:)
    November 23, 2021
    Absolutely love everything! I love the simplicity and cool necklace and ring and bracelet in the pieces while still being stunning. Every item was excellent. I will definitely purchase another like this in the future. maybe as a gift!!
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Why is the price of the mystery bag so cheap?

Because we are factory and low-tax (or tax-free ) shipping methods for the mystery box.

Is there any quality difference in the mystery box?

No. All the products in the mystery box are brand new and quality guaranteed.

Can I buy 2 or More packs at a time?

Yes. There is no limit to the number of purchases.

If I purchase several packs, will I get the same style?

You’ll never get the same one twice.

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