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Monthly Subscription Box

Monthly Subscription Box


The benefit of Monthly Subscription Box:

  • Compliance with different gender needs: for a feminine and for a masculine and for gender-neutral.
  • Constantly improved creativity: new products will be updated every month.
  • More flexible: if you want to change the box, you only need to send an email in advance.
  • Good quality: we carefully have been hand-picked just for you!
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  • Quality guarantee, 30 days easy returns
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Mystery Subscription Box

What is a monthly subscription box?

This is a concept that’s becoming more popular these days.

There are monthly subscription boxes in which you receive a certain number of products every month.

You can pay $30 monthly to get different products.

The benefits include saving money and having new products delivered to your doorstep every month.

Monthly subscription boxes are essentially online shops that offer subscribers a predetermined selection of items (usually 12. that change each month).

For example, a box could offer a variety of socks or kitchen items, They’re a great way for companies to test a new product or service before expanding their reach to a larger audience.

Monthly subscription box reasonable price

  • $360/12 box, the average of each box price is $30/box.
  • $360/60pcs, the average price is $6.0/pcs.

Monthly subscription box packaging list

  • Sock subscription box-10 pair
  • Cooking subscription box-3 pcs
  • Self-care subscription box-3 pcs
  • Travel subscription box-3pcs
  • Couples subscription box-3pcs
  • Panty subscription box-6pcs
  • T-shirt subscription box-3pcs
  • Pet subscription box-3pcs
  • Purse subscription box-3pcs
  • Bath box subscription-3pcs
  • DIY subscription box-3pcs
  • Jewelry subscription box-17pcs

Why is leobx monthly subscription box worth buying?

Compliance with different gender needs

  • For a feminine: the style is suitable for women.
  • For a masculine: the style is suitable for men.
  • For gender-neutral: the style is are suitable for gender-neutral.

Constantly improved creativity

When thinking about a monthly subscription box business, we might ask ourselves, “How can I make my customers feel special?”

This is the key question to answer.

A customer might think he or she is getting a unique experience from a subscription box, and this might be true in the beginning, but soon that novelty wears off.

If the product is not exceptional enough to stand out, customers will soon tire of it and unsubscribe.

  • Up to kitchen product 3000+, creative product 2000+, sock product 12000+ jewelry product 200000+and more.
  • New products will be updated every month.

More flexible

  • To give an example, if you receive the sock subscription box, you feel good quality and style of sock, you want to receive the sock next month again, you only need to send an email in advance.

Good quality

  • We promise that the quality, you receive is more than one item.
  • Relate with mystery box products, we carefully have been hand-picked just for you!

Monthly subscription box product preview

Sock subscription box

With a subscription, get socks delivered directly to your door.

The idea is that you don’t need to make a big purchase each time you want new socks.

One of the biggest problems with sock subscriptions is that they’re boring.

You aren’t going to get new, interesting socks every month, so people might not even bother.

If we’re going to offer a sock subscription, be sure it’s something people will actually use and look forward to.

Sock subscription box may include:

  • Athletic socks
  • Calf socks
  • Liner & ankle socks
  • No show & liner socks
  • Sports socks
  • Creative socks
  • Compression socks

Mystery sock box

Cooking subscription box

The cooking subscription box is a great example of what a subscription service can do.

It provides value and convenience to both customers and subscribers.

Customers are able to get cooking tools delivered right to their doorsteps.

Cooking subscription box may include:

  • Cooking gifts
  • Cooking gadgets
  • Cooking accessories
  • Cooking tools
  • Cooking utensils
  • Cooking supplies

Self-care subscription box

A carefully curated package of self-care goodies arrives at your door.

And because it’s a box of fun, unexpected surprises, it’s a great way to stay excited and motivated about self-care.

The concept of self-care is one that’s been gaining traction in recent years.

Self-care doesn’t mean taking a week off work to go on a vacation or giving yourself a pampering spa day.

Self-care means caring for yourself in a way that makes you more productive and efficient.

In this case, the box is a great example of how to care for our customers by providing them with a helpful and valuable gift (the content) to get them started on a new journey of self-discovery.

Self-care subscription box may include:

  • Self-care daily life accessories
  • Toothbrush
  • Towel
  • Toilet paper

Toothbrush product

Travel subscription box

What is a travel subscription box? that’s easy: It’s a box delivered to your front door which contains all the travel-related goods you need to get your trip off to a great start!

With a subscription box, you can eliminate the stress of having to shop for travel gear on an endless loop of trips to the store.

When you use a travel subscription box, you don’t have to worry about running out of sunscreen, insect repellent, first-aid supplies, or other items you may or may not have thought of.

With a travel subscription box, you can just open the box and go!

And, you won’t have to keep asking friends and family for the same stuff either. leobx will be happy to get you anything else they may have forgotten.

Travel subscription box may include:

  • Travel toiletries
  • Travel essentials
  • Traveling accessories

travel product

Couples subscription box

When planning a couples subscription box, you should always remember that you’re planning a gift for two. our customers might be looking for something special and personalized, something they won’t get at the store.

The first thing to think about when creating your couples subscription box is what kind of items would be interesting and unique for a couple?

There are a ton of ideas that we could use for your couple’s subscription box.

Think about the items that your couples might want to try together, and try to figure out what type of subscription box would work best for you.

Couples subscription box may include:

  • Couples gifts for adult

couples product

Panty subscription box

The “panty” box is a popular monthly delivery service where customers receive a package of new, colorful, and different panties.

Pant is a necessity for life, which replaces it regularly.

Panty subscription box may include:

  • Bikini Panties
  • Hipster Panties
  • G-Strings & Thongs
  • Short Panties

Panty product photo

T-shirt subscription box

A T-shirt subscription box allows users to select a size of T-shirt, and have delivered it to their door every month for $30 a pop.

The best part of this deal is that you never have to touch the T-shirts yourself, and you’ll have three new wardrobes of shirts coming to your door.

T-shirt subscription box may include

  • Athletic shirts & tees
  • Undershirts
  • Novelty shirts
  • Sports t-shirts

t shirt product photo

Pet subscription box

Many people are very passionate about their pets and will pay extra for goods and services related to them.

A pet subscription box is a box delivered to your doorstep containing toys and other things your dog or cat will enjoy.

The idea is, you pay a small monthly fee and leobx sends you a few “creative ” to try and get your pet to like the package.

Pet subscription box may include

  • Pet toy
  • Pet accessory
  • Pet bed
  • Pet carrier

pet product photo

Purse subscription box 

A purse subscription box delivers a different “purse”.

All of the purses in the subscription are carefully selected and packed in a manner that makes them easy to open and use.

No matter if you are carrying one around for fun or for work, the contents of your purse or bag will always be neatly organized and within easy reach.

Purse subscription box may include:

  • Vintage purse
  • Canvas purse
  • Multi-layer purse
  • Leisure purse
  • Creative purse
  • Purse with Card
  • Zippered Coin purse

purse photo

Bath subscription box 

A bath subscription box is a business that offers a set of products to its customers to use in their showing.

Tt’s focused on the essentials needed in a day-to-day setting rather than indulgent products you would expect to see in a beauty box.

Bath subscription box may include:

  • Bath pillow
  • Bath accessories
  • Bath tray

bath accessory photo

DIY subscription box 

What is a DIY kit? Simply put, it’s a packaged collection of parts that you need to make something.

the idea is that a DIY kit can be assembled by the consumer to solve a problem, and then leobx sells the kit.

However, it is extremely important that the kit is complete and the consumer has all of the components and tools necessary to assemble the kit, so that they know exactly what they are getting before they begin assembling the kit.

This is a critical aspect of the DIY kit that the consumer should know before buying.

DIY subscription box may include

  • Diy kits

Jewelry subscription box

We all love jewelry, but finding the right pieces can be tricky, especially if you’re a beginner.

Jewelry subscription box, you can easily find the perfect gift for yourself and your friends without having to waste time going from store to store looking for the right piece.

Jewelry boxes are perfect for those who want to expand their jewelry collection but are limited by the amount of time they have to shop.

Jewelry subscription box may include

  • Necklace
  • Earring & earring studs
  • Ring
  • Bracelet
  • Hair clip
  • Hair hand

ring fashion style2

If you want to buy 12 monthly jewelry, please click: Jewelry mystery box

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For a feminine, For a masculine, For gender-neutral

2 reviews for Monthly Subscription Box

    December 23, 2021
    I subscribed to leobx's box about a month ago and I love it! She has a great selection of products and the quality is outstanding. Plus, her customer service is beyond exceptional. I had a problem with one of my orders and she sent a brand new product immediately to me at no charge. What other online seller would do that? So, if you haven't tried a leobx's subscription box yet, I highly recommend it. And if you are considering it, do it soon because she sells out fast!
    December 18, 2021
    I first received a woven sock, the quality is really unimaginable, I am looking forward to the box next month.
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Why is the price of the mystery bag so cheap?

Because we are factory and low-tax (or tax-free ) shipping methods for the mystery box.

Is there any quality difference in the mystery box?

No. All the products in the mystery box are brand new and quality guaranteed.

Can I buy 2 or More packs at a time?

Yes. There is no limit to the number of purchases.

If I purchase several packs, will I get the same style?

You’ll never get the same one twice.

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