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Spiritual Subscription Box
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Spiritual Subscription Box


The benefit of a spiritual subscription box

  • Makes meditation and yoga more effective.
  • Can beautify and maintain health.
  • Can correct the positive and negative magnetic fields of the human body and restore the normal operation of the cells.
  • Guarantees home safety and smooth wealth.
  • can ward off evil spirits.
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Spiritual Subscription Box

Spiritual subscription box packaging list

  • Crystal kit-14pcs
  • Ancestor money -800pcs
  • Gold ingots paper-100pcs
  • Bowl-(special for burning ancestor money)-1 piece 
  • Extra gift

Benefits from Healing Crystals

  • Use Crystal to make meditation and yoga more effective.
  • Crystal can absorb electromagnetic radiation, that is, radiation generated by computers and mobile phones.
  • Crystal can beautify and maintain health.
  • The crystal can correct the positive and negative magnetic fields of the human body and restore the normal operation of the cells.
  • Crystal energy can make people concentrate.
  • Crystal guarantees home safety and smooth wealth.
  • Crystal can ward off evil spirits.

Ancestor money benefits

  • Reimbursement Of The Ancestor’s Debt
  • Help Ancestor Soul To Be Reincarnated
  • Forewarned The Imminent Dangers Of Offspring
  • Good Lucky For Offspring

Spiritual subscription box- product details preview

Crystal kit feature

  • Natural Crystal Stones: all spiritual crystals and rocks have uniques dimensions, forms, and shade.
  • They might include all-natural pits or fractures.

Crystal Mystery Box main photo

Ancestor money feature

  • Material: Eco-friendly paper
  • Packaging list:200pcs /1 set *4
  • Size:15.3×7.5 cm(5.9in*2.95in).please see as below


Bowl feature

  • Material: copper bowl
  • Packaging list: 1 piece
  • Size:9.5*4.0cm(3.7*1.6in)bowl for burning ancestor money

Gold ingots paper

  • Material: Eco-friendly paper
  • The semi-finished gold ingots we provide can be easily shaken into a perfect gold ingot shape.

What is ancestor money?

Ancestor Money In The Eyes Of Western People

Obligated To Ancestor Debt

It’s money for your relatives and your deceased loved ones. we have money on the earth plane physical money and whenever you transition what many people call death if you have debt in this world that energy just doesn’t disappear.

Because you die in fact a lot of times when our ancestors transition they leave bills and usually as the grandchildren and the children to have to take care of these bills because it’s a financial obligation, not in all cases.

But in some cases, You’re still there still obligated to pay these bills even on earth.

So if you have a lot of debt or if your ancestors had a lot of debt. the energy would trickle down to the next generations.

So my grandparent’s peace and blessing be upon them say they had debt they didn’t satisfy that debt well that energy that negative partner would trickle down knowing to me, my siblings and my cousins and my aunt’s and my uncle’s and my mom.

Spiritual Awareness

It is not only the debt that the ancestors left while on earth but it will also give them enough energy, so they can get things they need in a spirit, realm depending on your level of consciousness your level of spiritual awareness.

Once you transition for the most part most people still need things and when you burn ancestor money, not only does it take care of the debt that they had but it also allows our ancestors to get what they need in the spirit world in the way it works because you took care of ancestor then ancestor can take care of you.

Ancestor Money In The Eyes Of Chinese People

Affected By Buddhism

Scholars believe that with the introduction of Buddhism, the burning of ancestor money has also become popular.

Therefore, it can be seen that the origin of burning ancestor money should be influenced by Indian Buddhist customs.

Indians believe that fire can be used to deliver to ghosts and gods.

For example, Religious beliefs and the corresponding changes in consciousness are the ideological prerequisites for the emergence of Paper Mingbi, and it is a product of Chinese native culture.

Continue To Enjoy The Wealth After Death

It is one of the rituals cremated when worshiping ghosts or ancestors in folk traditions.

It means money used by the deceased in hell. Since ancient times, China culture thinks that people can continue to enjoy wealth after death, so there is a tradition of burning ancestor money for ancestors.

Reduce The Punishment In The Hell

There are also folk beliefs that ancestor money can honor the King of hell and reduce the punishment of the dead in hell.

Bringing A Blessing To The Future Generations

There has always been this traditional idea in Chinese culture.

The ancestors will bless future generations in times of bad luck, poor interpersonal relationships, or poor health.

The ancestors will bring all good luck.

So China has always had a traditional history of burning ancestor money.

Why Is The Jade Emperor Printed On Chinese Joss Paper?

Why is the Jade Emperor printed on Chinese Joss Paper

You will see that the image of the Jade Emperor is usually printed on the Chinese ancestor money.

Because the Jade Emperor is a higher god in the Pantheon, he is considered the god of all money on earth. also Jade Emperor gover the king of hell.

Jade Emperor

Since ancient times, people have worshiped ancestors and ghosts.

In other words, the real social life in life and the virtual world of ancestors’ lives are parallel,

In the virtual world of ancestral activities, the food, clothing, housing, and transportation of the dead are related to ours.

Please note: Paper money is not a legal tender currency issued by any bank or government institution and holds no cash value.

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Spiritual subscription box, Crystal kit-14pcs, Ancestor money-800pcs, Bowl-1piece

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    December 19, 2021
    Ancestor money is so popular now, I try to buy this box for my ancestor.
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