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What To Put In A Mystery Box?

What to put in a mystery box? A mystery box, or “mystery box experiment,” is a marketing tactic often used to help consumers discover new brands.

This is an experiment where the consumer is given a sealed box and told to open it to find out what’s inside.

Sometimes the mystery box contains coupons, gifts, or discounts.

In other cases, the products could be brand-new items or the mystery box could be filled with something like an extra gift.

What is mystery box?

The mystery box is a concept created by Jeff Paul in 1986.

The idea is that if you ask 100 people what they think the purpose of a box is, 99 of them will say they don’t know.

Then you explain the concept of a mystery box to them and ask them what they think the purpose of the box is now. Almost everybody will reply with an enthusiastic “ahh, I want to get it!”

Because you just now understand the purpose of the box.

The customer will feel a sense of mystery and curiosity, which will trigger a sense of wanting, which will trigger a sense of relief when they discover the answer to the mystery. This sense of relief will make them much more likely to buy.

What to put in a mystery box?

Jewelry mystery box

Jewelry Mystery Box

  • Necklace includes alloy, letter, crystal, chain, choker, multi-layer, creative, unique, nature, fashion style necklace.
  • Earring includes french,cute,baroque,pastoral floral,nature,fashion style earring.
  • Earring studs include fashion, creative style.
  • Ring includes alloy,gold,creative,cool,exaggerated style ring.
  • Bracelet includes alloy, chain, creative, exaggerated style bracelet.
  • Hair clip includes fashion style.

Universal Standard Mystery Box

Universal Standard Mystery Box

  • For a feminine: makeup, jewelry, hat, bag, nail polish, and hair and beauty products, and more.
  • For a masculine: Electronic, wallets bag, socks, hats, jewelry, sporting goods, clothing, and more.
  • For a gender-neutral: home decor, stress release, even creative items that could be used in the kitchen, and more.

kids mystery box

Kids Mystery Box

  • For a girl: DIY, painting children’s musical instrument, child bubble machine, doll and accessories, games and accessories, plush animals and fluff toys,dress-up and pretend games, etc.
  • For a Boy: Combination toys, finger gyro, assembled toys, collection toys,  sports, and outdoor games, toy dolls, and toys, vehicles, etc.
  • For neutral: wooden toys, novel toys, children’s furniture, decorations toy, learning toy, decompression toy, etc.

Mystery Subscription Box

Mystery Box Subscription 

  • Jewelry mystery box-15pcs
  • Bag mystery box-3pcs
  • Hat mystery box-6pcs
  • Toy mystery box-3pcs
  • Mystery sock box-15pair
  • Creative product mystery box-3pcs
  • Purse mystery box-3pcs
  • Crystal mystery box-25pcs
  • Vintage mystery box-3pcs
  • Kitchen mystery box-3pcs
  • Clothing mystery box-3pcs
  • Christmas mystery box-3pcs

mystery sock box main photo details

Sock Subscription Box

  • Athletic Socks
  • Calf Socks
  • Liner & Ankle Socks
  • No Show & Liner Socks
  • Sports Socks
  • Creative Socks
  • Compression Socks

hat subscription box knit beanie hat

Hat Subscription Box For Women & Girls

  • Sun hat
  • bucket hat
  • Fedoras hat
  • Baseball Caps
  • Knit Beanie Hat
  • Wide Brim Straw Hats
  • Sports Fan Caps & Hats

purse photo

Purse Subscription Box

  • Vintage Purse
  • Canvas Purse
  • Cartoon Purse
  • Multi-layer Purse
  • Leisure Purse
  • Creative Purse
  • Purse With Card

vintage mystery box

Vintage Mystery Box For Women & Girl

  • Vintage Hat
  • Vintage Sock
  • Home Décor
  • Vintage scarf
  • Vintage Jewelry
  • Vintage Accessory
  • Vintage Bag and Purse

clothes mystery box08

Clothes Mystery Box For Women/Girl

  • All clothes are new.
  • Clothes size from S to 3xxxl.

Bridal Subscription Box

Bridal Subscription Box

  • Bridal crown
  • Bridal earring
  • Bridal comb
  • Bridal hairclip
  • Bridal hairband
  • Bridal hairpin
  • Bridal necklace
  • Bridal bracelet
  • Bridal veil
  • Bridal gloves

crystal mystery box

Crystal Mystery Box

  • Therapy Raw Chakra Stones
  • Tumbled Stone
  • Spiritual Healing Crystal Necklace
  • Natural Pink Crystal Pendulum
  • White Crystal pyramid
  • Crystal Pillar
  • Heal Crystal bracelet


Yoga Subscription Box

  • Yoga mat
  • Yoga stretching strap
  • Yoga vest and shorts pants for a women
  • Yoga long sleeve and trousers  for a women
  • Yoga socks
  • Yoga towel

Tie-Dyed T-Shirt05

T Shirt Mystery Box For Tie-Dyed T-Shirt

  • For a masculine: the style and size of the t-shirt are suitable for men.
  • For gender-neutral: the style and size of the t-shirt are suitable for gender-neutral.

Jewelry Myster Box-03

Mystery Box For Men

  • Men’s clothing
  • Men’s sports & outdoors
  • Men’s fitness equipment
  • Men’s bag
  • Men’s stocking
  • Men’s jewelry
  • Men’s hat and accessory

baking subscription box

Baking Subscription Box

  • Bakeware set
  • Cake decorating kit

Kitchen Subscription Box

Kitchen Subscription Box

  • Frying pan-1pcs
  • Kitchen silicone kit-10pcs
  • Baking tool-27 pcs
  • Kitchen peeler-10pcs
  • Kitchen storage holders-3 pcs
  • Pizza-tool-5pcs
  • Kitchen creative gadget-3pcs
  • Kitchen trash cans-2pcs
  • Kitchen clean tool-5pcs
  • Kitchen gloves-10 pair(20pcs)
  • Washing colander bowl-2pcs
  • Kitchen mystery box-3pcs

Spiritual Subscription Box

Spiritual Subscription Box

  • Crystal kit
  • Ancestor money
  • Gold ingots paper
  • Bowl-(special for burning ancestor money)

Hammock camping

Sports Mystery Box

  • Children’s & Youth Sports 
  • Extreme Sports  Accessory
  • Hiking & Camping Accessory
  • Individual Sports  Accessory
  • Sport Accessory

mystery box for women

Mystery Box For Women/Girls

  • Hat
  • Bag
  • Sock
  • Scarf
  • Purse
  • Bikini
  • T-shirt
  • Jewelry
  • Sport bra
  • Makeup accessory

Panty Subscription Box main photo

Panty Subscription Box For Women& Girl

  • T Thong
  • Lace panty
  • Low waist pant
  • Mid waist panty
  • High waist panty

Bra subscription box03

Bra Subscription Box

  • T Thong
  • Lace panty
  • Low waist pant
  • Mid waist panty
  • High waist panty

lingerie subscription box main photo

Lingerie Subscription Box

  • Bras
  • Panties
  • Thongs
  • Sleepwear

leggings subscription box main photo

Leggings Subscription Box

  • Leggings

Underwear Subscription Box main photo

Underwear Subscription Box For Women&Girls

  • Underwear sets for women

Home decor subscription box-Ornaments06

Home Decor Subscription Box

  • Underwear sets for woOrnaments
  • Wall decoration
  • Garden ornaments
  • Home storage rackmen

condom subscription box

Condom Subscription Box

  • More thinner: condoms are thinner than standard, which more natural feeling.
  • Safty: lubricated condoms made with premium quality latex to help reduce the risk of pregnancy and STIs.
  • Various fruit tastes: apple, strawberry, and more.
  • Each condom subscription box includes 30 pcs of condoms.
  • Save money:12 Months subscription box  -$19.95 /Month.
  • Packing: all in discreet packaging.

jewelry-making subscription box

Jewelry Making Subscription Box

  • DIY jewelry necklace
  • DIY jewelry bracelet
  • DIY jewelry earring

Bracelet Subscription Box

Bracelet Subscription Box

  • Alloy bracelet
  • Titanium steel bracelet
  • Metal bracelet
  • Fabric bracelet
  • Silver bracelet
  • Crystal bracelet
  • Leather bracelet
  • Agate bracelet
  • Stainless steel bracelet
  • Wooden bracelet
  • Pearl bracelet
  • Resin bracelet
  • Ceramics bracelet

Earring Subscription Box

Earring Subscription Box

  • French earring
  • Cute earring
  • Baroque earring
  • Pastoral floral earring
  • Nature earring
  • Fashion earring
  • Creative earring
  • Exaggerate earring
  • Ear studs earring

kitchen gadget subscription box

Kitchen Gadget Subscription Box

  • Vegetable Chopper
  • Kitchen Cooking Utensils
  • Kitchen accessory
  • Kitchen gadgets for sink
  • Creative kitchen gadget
  • Kitchen gadgets funny

Ring Subscription Box

Ring Subscription Box

  • Gold ring
  • Silver ring
  • Cool ring
  • Alloy ring
  • Creative ring
  • Exaggerated ring
  • Titanium steel ring

necklace subscription box

Necklace Subscription Box

  • Alloy necklace
  • Letter necklace
  • Chain necklace
  • Crystal necklace
  • Creative necklace
  • Unique necklace
  • Nature necklace
  • Fashion necklace
  • Multi-layer necklace

puzzle subscription box

Puzzle Subscription Box

  • Jigsaw puzzles-1000pcs/box
  • Puzzle games
  • Crosswords
  • Mazes

Embroidery Subscription Box

Embroidery Subscription Box

  • Cross Stitch

Kids Baking Subscription Box

Kids Baking Subscription Box

  • Bake tool and gadget for kids
  • Bake accessory for kids
  • Bake decorating  for kids
  • Extra gift for kids

nail box subscription

Nail Box Subscription

  • Handcrafted nails
  • Transparent nail
  • Nail decals
  • Nail sequins

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